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Bengkung Belly Binding

I am proud to be trained in and able to offer Bengkung Belly Binding, a time honored traditional Malaysian postpartum practice that offers numerous benefits. This practice involves wrapping a long, narrow cloth around the abdomen in order to support the muscles and promote healing following childbirth. This mindful binding technique can help to improve posture, reduce swelling, and offer support to the lower back. It can also help to promote a quicker recovery, offer a sense of comfort and support during your postpartum journey.

What is included?

Our Bengkung Binding Package is designed to provide  a unique and holistic approach to healing postpartum. This service starts with a gentle massage of the belly using an herbal salve, followed by the traditional wrapping technique. Your session includes a personalized consultation, where we discuss your unique needs and concerns, ensuring a tailored experience just for you. I will educate you on the art of self-care, teaching you how to maintain and adjust the binding for optimal comfort.

Personalized Consultation: We start with a one-on-one consultation to understand your unique needs and concerns, ensuring a tailored experience.

Custom Wrap: Your package includes a handcrafted, soft, and breathable Bengkung belly wrap made just for you, providing a perfect fit for optimal support.

Belly Massage with Herbal Salve: Prior to the wrapping, enjoy a soothing belly massage using a specially prepared herbal salve. This massage not only relaxes and nourishes your skin but also enhances the overall experience.

Professional Application: I will expertly wrap your abdomen, following the ancient art of Bengkung binding, creating a secure yet comfortable embrace.

Education: Learn the art of self-care with guidance on how to maintain and adjust the binding and wrap for ongoing comfort and support.

Postpartum Support: Enjoy the benefits of abdominal muscle support, improved posture, and emotional solace during your postpartum journey.

Follow-Up: I offer optional follow-up sessions or check-ins to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the binding.

Empowering Experience: Rediscover the beauty of postpartum recovery through the wisdom of this time-honored tradition, all in the comfort of modern times.



The first belly binding session is $175. Additional wrappings done by me are complimentary for Chava Birth clients and done at your postpartum appointments.

For services booked separately, an additional fee of $55 per wrapping will apply.

However, you will be taught how to self bind at your first session, and left with instructions to have others heIp.

I am available to help assess a wrappinremotely for no charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should I wear the binding? 

Traditionally, the Benkung Belly Bind is done for the entire postpartum period, which is 30-40 days in the cultures that observe this practice. However, this is unpractical for modern day living, and the results begin to diminish after a week or two. We’ve found the best belly binding length to be 6-12 hours for 1-2 weeks.


What makes belly binding different from western postpartum girdles? 

Its length and the custom fit. A Benkung Belly Bind is a long wrap that covers from under the breast-line all the way down to below the hips. This way, it doesn’t just work on the waist, but also helps the rib cage and to shrink the hips go back to their former dimensions. It also stays put when you move, and so it doesn’t press on the abdomen. Girdles that only bind the abdomen also push down on the pelvic floor muscles and organs, potentially causing or worsening pelvic, uterine, or bladder prolapse. The custom fit cannot be found anywhere else, and this improves the results you will see.


How effective is belly binding compared to a postpartum girdle, like the ones you can buy at a maternity store?

Imagine the difference between buying jeans that claim to fit everyone, regardless of size or shape–and getting custom-fitted by a professional. Which would be better? The custom fit is, of course, going to give you the best results. Likewise the traditional belly bind is a custom fit every time. It’s made of soft materials instead of having boning or Velcro like most girdles, which can dig into your skin and be painful when you sit or lay down, especially if you’ve had a cesarean. The Malaysian belly bind is the best option for your time and money if you want the results mentioned above. ​


Can I still belly bind if I have a c-section?

You can still receive belly binding if you have a c-section. We will wait until 4 – 6 weeks postpartum, based on your healing and recovery. The belly bind still has many benefits within the first three months.


How do I go to the bathroom while wearing the belly bind?

The most effective belly bind stretches from just below your bust to about mid-hip, near your pelvic bone. It is still easy enough to pull your underwear out from under the bind the first time you use the bathroom and when you’re finished, simply pull them up over the bind or tuck them back underneath.  You can then wear a loose fitting skirt or yoga pants on top.


My belly bind bunches, rolls, or moves during the day. How can I keep it from doing that?

The belly bind moves because you move! This is also what helps to keep it soft and comfortable.  Realize, the cultures that do this also typically practice postpartum “lying-in” which is a period after birth where the woman rests while she heals. If you are up and moving around constantly postpartum, the belly bind is going to shift, bunch, and roll. The only way to prevent this is to move less. Part of what belly binding does is encourage you to be down (whether lying, reclining, or sitting) and resting while letting others care for you!


Am I too late to belly bind if I’m x-number of months/years postpartum? 

The short answer is no. You can still receive benefits belly binding after 8 weeks postpartum.

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