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Your Care


Prenatal appointments are about much more than just a physical assessment. Appointments are scheduled for an hour long, which allows us time to get to know each other well, dive deep, and address all questions or concerns free of bias to ensure that your pregnancy remains healthy and low risk. This care sets the foundation for trust, helps prepare you for a happy birthing experience, and a more enjoyable postpartum period.


Birthing at home offers you the comfort and autonomy of being in your own space, with the safety, wisdom, and experience that your midwife team provides. You are able to birth in any position that feels comfortable and supportive to you. You are free to eat, drink, move, and be. You are able to have anybody you wish there with you. There will always be at least one midwife assistant at each birth, so you have extra skilled hands available. 


Postpartum care is about nourishing to vitality, healing, and bonding with your new baby. After everyone is stable we will tuck you into bed and clean up. Your midwife will stay for up to 4 hours after birth and will return within the first 48 hours. You will also have ongoing care in your home for the first 6 weeks to ensure you are off to a good start, your emotional needs are met, and newborn feeding is well established.   

What's Included:
  • Appointments in your home once a month until 28 weeks, twice a month until 36 weeks, and then weekly until delivery

  • Assessment of fetal well being through measuring growth, heart tones, and evaluation of baby position

  • Blood pressure checks and urinalysis

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Standard lab work and indicated testing

  • Ultrasound referrals

  • Emotional preparation for birth

What's Included:
  • Respectful guidance through the physiologic birth process

  • Continuous care through active labor and immediate postpartum

  • Monitoring vitals and fetal well being

  • Use of herbs and holistic remedies, and the availability of medication, IVs, and oxygen in case of complications

  • Use of birth tub for hydrotherapy or water birth

  • Instructions on postpartum recovery

  • Visits in your home at 24-48 hrs, 1 week, 2 weeks 4 weeks, and 6 weeks post delivery, and more if indicated

  • Breastfeeding assistance

  • Education on newborn care

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Physical assessment 

  • Weight checks for baby

  • Emotional support

  • Herbal remedies to support healing and comfort

  • Standard newborn testing and procedures, if desired. 

What's Included:
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