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While I am currently attending births and serving families in the community as a midwife, I got my start as a doula in 2011, and my heart will forever be in the importance of this work. If you have decided to birth in the hospital, or even with a different out of hospital provider, I would still be honored to attend your birth in this role. As a doula, I am your professionally trained childbirth companion, here to provide emotional, physical, and educational support to you and your family. My goal is to help you have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience. I truly believe that the beauty in every birth are their differences. Just like all families, and all babies are different, all births are too. I am not here to instruct you on how I feel your labor should go. I am not the one calling the shots. I am here to work alongside you on your big day, helping you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. 
You got this!

As Your Doula, I  Do:
  • Support: your choices, your labor, your body, your partner.

  • Hold: your hand, your space, your privacy.

  • Answer: your call, your text, your email, your questions.

  • Trust: you, your body, your partner, your baby, the process. 

As Your Doula, I  Do Not:
  • Perform any clinical tasks.

  • Make decisions for you.

  • Speak on your behalf.

  • Project my own beliefs on your experience.

  • Replace the role of your spouse or partner.



Complete Birth Package- $1350

  • FREE Consultation

  • 2 Prenatal Visits (and 1 optional video chat support session)

  • Help with creating a birth/postpartum plan

  • 24/7 text and e-mail support

  • Full access to my lending library of educational books

  • On Call Time

  • Labor and Delivery support

  • Help with establishing breastfeeding

  • 1 Postpartum visit at your home or place of birth 

  • (and 1 optional video chat support session)

  • Gift for parent & baby

Labor & Delivery Package- $1100

  • FREE Consultation

  • 1 Prenatal video chat support session

  • 24/7 text and e-mail support

  • Full access to my lending library

  • On Call Time

  • Labor and Delivery support

  • 1 Postpartum video chat support session

  • Gift for Baby

Postpartum Support- $35/hr 

(available even if I did not attend your birth)​​

Additional Postpartum visits in your home to:

  • Process your birth

  • Perform light household tasks

  • Assistance with other children

  • Establish breastfeeding and bonding

  • Help with baby needs

  • Give community and online referrals

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