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SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test is the only 99.9% accurate early fetal sex DNA test, starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy


SneakPeek Clinical by Gateway Genomics is the only clinically proven early fetal sex DNA test that lets you discover your baby’s biological sex months ahead of schedule, so you can prepare and share with family and friends! The test uses non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to look for male Y chromosomes from a small sample of your blood. If male Y chromosomes are found, you'll receive a boy result. If none are found, it will report a girl. SneakPeek is the leading provider and most accurate early fetal sex DNA test on the market, trusted by over 500,000 parents and providers. 

  • Starting at 6weeks into pregnancy

  • 99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test

  • Administered by phlebotomy professional

  • Results emailed straight to you the next day!

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Are you having a boy or a girl?

Chava Birth is proud to be a SneakPeek Clinical provider. 


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